Loquet London

Ohmygod I’m in love. Whimsical and charmingly original. Loquet London gives you options to fill your Loquet with love, happiness, your favorite number, and more. You can even switch the Loquet shape or chain. This will be the most personal item in your jewelry box next to your great grandmother’s family ring.

Loquet London

YSL Fusion Ink

After crying about tapping out of my foundation for a week, I finally got myself to go purchase a new one. I felt spontaneous and wanted to try something new. So I let the charming man at the YSL counter dabble my face and do his thing. The color was right and my face looked clean, so I told him I’d take it. While he was grabbing a bottle, I looked at the mirror and grazed my face. It was then, I fell in love. My skin felt phenomenal. Mind you, I have been told my face feels like a baby’s bottom, but YSL Fusion Ink made my skin feel as if a baby just slipped off a silk robe, letting it cascade gently to the floor.

Now go on and click the photo below and let your face feel the love.

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation

When France Meets Italian Lemon

Every morning when I spritz Carven’s L’eau de Toilette, I feel youth and beauty without losing class. I assume this is what the French girls feel as they graze their heels on pebbled streets and their hair flowing against Gothic and Romanesque backdrops. The parfum is mostly floral and dense, but the l’eau de toilette offers a lightness with a touch of lemon that makes you feel playful yet poised.